More selected projects

SIHH 2019 gives the EPFL+ECAL Lab a showcase to unveil the origins of grand complications

At the heart of the experience, three exceptional timepieces including the most complicated watch ever made, Reference 57260, as well as Tour de l’Île and WorldTime Cottier, evolve in a virtual world where each document represents a sketch, a correspondence or a milestone in the development of the Vacheron Constantin watchmaking Maison.

Created by the EPFL+ECAL Lab, the immersive installation Chonogram Impact offers visitors an original way to discover the fascinating history of the Maison, which is closely linked to that of Swiss watchmaking. The device provides a journey through 264 years of tradition, know-how and culture — a new setting for this heritage making it accessible to the general public, thanks to an interactive and inclusive approach.

While strengthening its expertise in the enhancement of cultural heritage, the EPFL+ECAL Lab develops the principles of representation to reduce the limits inherent in virtual reality. Presented in the framework of the new technology hub of the 2019 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, the Chronogram Impact experience, produced in collaboration with the prestigious Vacheron Constantin Maison, traces the origins of watchmaking excellence. It allows visitors to freely explore a major part of this extraordinary heritage, representing more than 420 linear metres of archives, and to go back to the origins of grand complications.

This design research project by the EPFL+ECAL Lab unveils this world-class heritage. It opens a new way of perpetuating the knowledge acquired in the past and pass it on to a wide audience so as to define a meaningful future.