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Taking part in GRAFIK 2018, from October 25 to 28, EPFL+ECAL Lab showcases two projects, Iconic and Solidarity Network, that both set new design principles for icon and UX development.

Firstly, the Iconic research project led by Lara Défayes gives new standards for designers who are willing to experiment with icon design and perception.

Good icon design has a crucial influence on the quality of user experience with digital interfaces. However, existing research investigating icon use and processing are based on existing or outdated sets. Therefore, there are still many open questions about how new icons can be created with specific aesthetic characteristics. Leading extensive design research on the topic, EPFL+ECAL Lab has established and tested several distinct design principles. Joining forces with psychology researchers from the universities of Bournemouth and Fribourg, EPFL+ECAL Lab design team created eight unique sets of icons that respond to the defined parameters: concreteness vs. abstractness, simplicity vs. complexity and appeal vs. ugliness. This research sets new grounds for understanding icon design and perception.

And then, Solidarity Network redefines the relationship between older people and the digital world. Offering a digital service that seeks to enhance real-life interactions, this project breaks with the preconceived idea that older people don’t have the necessary skills to use digital tools. It focuses on the elements that facilitate real events, not virtual friendships or digital performance. Content management is based on the social interactions and organization observed within the Quartiers Solidaires communities of Pro Senectute Vaud, rather than on technical optimization.

As the diversity among older people provides learnings that go beyond age, this EPFL+ECAL Lab research led by Romain Collaud has established a new milestone for inclusive design.

Both projects are exhibited at GRAFIK 2018, from October 25 to 28, in Hall 622, Zürich-Oerlikon. More about the event: