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Call for 3 positions in Design Research for Digital Innovation

The EPFL+ECAL Lab  questions emerging technologies in order to transform them into useful and sustainable experiences for the society. Associating engineering, design and human sciences, it explores digital innovations such as interfaces, big data, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality through projects applied in real contexts, involving external users and partners. 

The Lab offers a two-year postgraduate programme entitled Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Design Research for Digital Innovation. This programme is linked to a research assistant's position which encompasses a major contribution to a project of the Lab.

For the academic year starting September 2018, the EPFL+ECAL Lab opens 3 new places in this programme at the interface of design and technology. The cursus and the research work represent a full-time occupation. The students recruited receive a fixed remuneration which covers for most expenses of a student lifestyle and the tuition fee. 

Application deadline : April 15, 2018
Confirmation to selected applicants : May 20, 2018
Contract start date : September 1, 2018
Duration : 2 years
Lausanne, Switzerland. The Lab is situated within ECAL Building  in the commune of Renens.
Prerequisites for admission
Diploma required:
·         Master in interaction design
·         Master in visual communication with digital media competences
·         Master in industrial and product design with digital media competences
·         Master in engineering with digital media competences and visual culture
·         Master in architecture with digital media competences
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