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ECAL Research Day

On Friday 8 November, this symposium organised by ECAL will explore the links between technology and research, with artists, designers and scholars in these fields from all over the world. Keynote speeches and conversations mark the overlapping territory of research and innovation.

Graphic Design: ECAL/Federico Barbon

The EPFL+ECAL is glad to take part in this conference day dedicated to technology and research in art and design. Among the many talks, the director Nicolas Henchoz and Hugues Vinet, innovation and research director at IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Paris, will discuss artists residencies for innovation.

Throughout the day, exhibitions will be showcased in the Kudelski Hall, l’elac Gallery and EPFL+ECAL Lab.

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Friday 8 November 2019, from 10.30am to 7.30pm
IKEA Auditorium, ECAL, Renens

Admission is free upon registration through the online RSVP form until 28 October 2019 at Due to the limited number of seats in the auditorium, the maximum number of participants is 350.