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A new digital platform for Solidarity Network

Building on the success of Solidarity Network research project and on the great engagement of involved communities within its dedicated social platform Resoli, a new website has been designed. It aims to promote Resoli and enables new communities and neighbourhoods to access it. This website presents Resoli’s genesis and values, as well as a detailed onboarding tour highlighting its main features. Discover more about this dedicated website:

Developed by the EPFL+ECAL Lab, in collaboration with Pro Senectute Vaud and five communities of seniors in Switzerland, and with the support of the Leenaards Foundation, the Solidarity Network project aims to reinforce the social life of older people within their local community. The project dedicated platform, Resoli, enables them to easily organise activities in their neighbourhood, but also to develop new skills in digital technologies. These learnings help bridge the gap with younger generations. The research work and exchanges conducted for more than three years brings knowledge that facilitates relationships between senior citizens and digital services.

The Solidarity Network project has already been distinguished several times at the Swiss and the international level.

In early 2019, senior participants of four areas (Ecublens, Pully, Yverdon, Adliswil) had already organised more than thousands of events and gatherings with the Resoli webapp.

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