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Unique in Europe, the Master of Advanced Studies in Design Research for Digital Innovation (MAS DRDI) led at the EPFL+ECAL Lab offers a new training experience. Combining academic education with a research project focusing on innovation and pragmatic impact, the program rethinks the very notion of design research. 

This year, Joëlle Aeschlimann and Romain Collaud have successfully completed the MAS DRDI, presenting each a research project.

ART IS MORE by Joëlle Aeschlimann explores how a digital installation can bring keys to understanding, while providing an emotional dimension that invites the visitor to get closer to the artwork. 

First, as part of a comprehensive study into the uses of virtual reality, Into the Black offers a unique and sensory way of engaging with curatorial content. Then, Color in the Black device creates a striking and evocative contrast that enables the public to approach the works entirely without artifice. Animating thus Pierre Soulages’ Outrenoirs, both interactive installations enriched the exhibition Noir c'est Noir showcased at the EPFL Artlab.

Images Credit: Joël Tettamanti/EPFL+ECAL Lab

MASSIVE IS LIGHT by Romain Collaud aims to define principles and pragmatic strategies for designing interfaces which allow large audiences to interact with massive information environments. It investigates the visual language to use for better navigation and optimized content aggregation.

Thanks to these new insights, two platforms, the content aggregation tool Faveeo and the comparisons tool Debate InSight application, have been designed. In the complex world of massive information, the new interfaces focus on simplicity as well as transparency. They include brand new features drawn from a dedicated toolbox in order to significantly improve user experience, engagement and interaction.

Credit :
Faveeo (partenariat avec Institut IDIAP et Faveeo SA)
Debate InSight, tablet (partnership with Social Media Lab and Sciences Po, Paris)
Debate InSight, smartphone (partnership with Social Media Lab and Sciences Po, Paris)

Congrats to both of them!