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MAS DRDI Studio projects exploring AR

In the framework of the MAS in Design Research for Digital Innovation, six students have taken part in the Studio Projects 2019 “Augmented Augmented Reality”, led by senior designers Romain Collaud and Lara Défayes.

If most of us know what Augmented Reality is, it is still a relatively new technology that hasn’t been turned into a meaningful user experience yet. Millennials might play with face filters on Instagram and Snapchat, or maybe we consult an application to name the mountains around us or play a fun little AR game. But surely Augmented Reality can do more than this.

Dérive by Pierre-Xavier Puissant / EPFL+ECAL Lab

With the whole notion of reality being so open to interpretation, AR is a wonderful playground. It can reveal an unprecedented perspective on our environment, ourselves and the interactions in between. Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting all define our perception of reality.

To explore its potential, six students have taken a step back and questioned what devices could be used, what could be recognised and what feedback could be given in order to offer a new sensorial experience. Pushing the boundaries of AR, each of them has given a personal interpretation of this trending technology.

Tiki Apéro by Emily Groves / EPFL+ECAL Lab

Six prototypes have been presented :

  • Dérive by Pierre-Xavier Puissant invites to be guided through a city by sound.
  • Musical Building Blocks by Margaux Charvolin defines new melodies.
  • Lines and Circles in Space by Elise Migraine transforms the human body into a painter’s tool.
  • Random Access Memories by Hélène Portier relives memories.
  • Meditation Helmet by Yoann Douillet blurs meditation with anxiety.
  • Tiki Apéro by Emily Groves unveils the cultural backgrounds of cocktails.

The most outstanding insight that these experiments demonstrate is that we’ve only scratched the surface of what AR can do. While most AR experiences in the mainstream are focused on the “wow” effect, the tools to create AR experiences are becoming more and more accessible and open to experimentation. Hopefully, this will push AR to become a credible interaction medium.

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