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Food Talks
Enhancing food information through augmented reality

Food Talks (Picture: Calypso Mahieu / EPFL+ECAL Lab)

Food Talks explores how augmented reality (AR) can be used to enhance information around food. It turns the unique qualities of AR technology into meaningful relationships between food products and their immaterial value.

This user-centred project involves two phases exploring two different contexts. The first focuses on how to engage supermarket audiences using a stand-alone AR device. The second addresses more complex and personalised interactions through a smartphone AR application. 

Food Talks (Picture: Calypso Mahieu / EPFL+ECAL Lab)

The outcomes of this research project led by Emily Groves show that customers learn more about food products with AR compared to an equivalent digital solution. The evaluations also reveal high scores for usability and aesthetics with no negative effect due to the technical limitations of AR. Not only does this work reveal the potential of AR as a credible medium in the food industry, it also provides specific design guidelines for how to do so.

Food Talks (Picture: Calypso Mahieu / EPFL+ECAL Lab)


Project Direction: Nicolas Henchoz
MAS in Design Research for Digital Innovation: Emily Groves
Interaction Design: Emily Groves in cooperation with Marius Aeberli
Software Engineering: Delphine Ribes and Yves Kalberer 
UI/UX Psychologist: Andreas Sonderegger

Pictures: Calypso Mahieu / EPFL+ECAL Lab

Partners: Quantis, UNIL Industrial Ecology Group, EPFL Integrated Food and Nutrition Centre