More selected projects

Food Talks

Enhancing food information through augmented reality

Roger Tallon: Archives in Motion

Exploring the role of virtual reality in museums


Driving cultural heritage further

Massive is Light

Offering digital solutions to manage big data for everyday use

Solidarity Network

Giving digital technologies a social purpose for older people

Art is more

Engaging museum visitors differently

Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab II

Bringing the History of Jazz back to life


Opening the doors of a global worth heritage

Design for Innovative Technology

From Disruption to Acceptance…

La Porte des Savoirs

Embodied experience of Immersion and Information Flow

Under Pressure

Shaping extremely strong wood from easily grown species

Montreux Jazz Heritage Lab

Bringing the history of Jazz back to life

Give me more

Changing the relationship between the physical and digital worlds

Lazy Bytes

Why do we not invest in remote control for the television?

Seeds of colors

Breating new life to NYC Galeria Melissa

Hidden Carbon

Going beyond the high tech look of carbon

Sunny Memories

Renewing our relationship with energy and light