Training high-level professionals to understand each other
The EFPL+ECAL Lab's education strategy aims to complement the training of high-level engineers and designers by giving them the means to work together efficiently, rather than proposing a hybrid curriculum. Education relies on a project-based approach targeting concrete outcomes.

The EPFL+ECAL Lab develops its educational offer along several avenues:

Programmes to raise the awareness of EPFL students to design, helping them understand the related dynamics, culture and language. These courses are provided by ECAL.
Workshops and lectures to enable design students to grasp emerging technologies and practices.
An offer of postgraduate courses, with the opening in 2010 of a first Certificate of Advances Studies in Augmented Reality for Designers.
Finally, the EPFL+ECAL Lab hosts and supports individual students' projects in the framework of a semester or master project which involves skills and cultural references at a crossroads between technology and design.

Approximately one hundred students already regularly attend events or lectures at the EPFL+ECAL Lab